Today many times you feel to do something different in terms of humanity, but due to so many commitments you won't get time , what we feel Donation is one of the way of expressing humanity, but when it comes to donate money there are so many question arises that how we can faith in any NGO to donate money. So is a platform which helps all registered NGO's thru people like you by providing the items (Used or New) rather than CASH.

Any item which is in usable or in working condition , as this will be used by the people who needs it, which is now not useable for you but will help a lot to the needy. Suppose you are donating a chair it should be in condition that someone can sit on it or you are donating your old phone, then it should be in working condition. You can also donate new items, as we are having discounted prices thru some ecommerce sites who will be providing discounted items only for this site.

There are two options for donation, either you can browse specific NGOs requirements listed on the website and chose an ecommerce site to purchase the item and give delivery address of the NGO. OR you can post specifications of any usable item that you want to donate and we will broadcast this request to all NGO, the needy can then get in touch with you to either pickup from your premise or ask you to courier on their address.

After posting the item on site we will be informing the NGO's regarding your item If anyone of them needs that item they can leave message for you on the website and you will get notified through sms, you can now share your phone no to him for further communication and item delivery. This will help you in maintaining your privacy and will not receive unnecessary calls.

DonaetKar is a platform which provides the NGO's requirement and the items available to donate, so these NGO's will contact thru online chat. There is no role of in product delivery to NGO, it will be solely mutual understanding between both the parties

How will I know that the items I am donating are used for the right cause?

All NGOs on our site are registered with the Government. We follow a stringent process of 'After donation response management'. On receipt of the item, NGO will share feedback on how the item is being used, preferably supported with a picture or a video. An Email will be sent to you when the NGO provides feedback.

We follow stringent criteria for verification of NGOs. Apart from the fact that NGO must be registered with Govt. of India as a trust, society or Section 25 company, we review their IT returns, their vision, work and impact, financial statements, governance, management and operations. We do not consider NGOs having religious or political purpose.

a) Damaged, torn or wet clothes /material
b) Used undergarments
c) Broken school material
d) Shoes without sole
e) Ration after expiry date
f) Inflammable items like match sticks, lighters, crackers etc.
g) Expired medicines or half consumed liquid medicines.
h) Damaged bags
i) Useless Items or Items not in a working condition
j) Alcohol, Cigarettes, Drugs etc.
k) Other items that are generally prohibited for buying and selling

No, tax benefits under Section 80G are not applicable for donating the items. is FREE for Donors and NGOs and it always will be. We have Google ADs and paid sponsored ADs on the site as one source of revenue. When you buy a new item against an NGO requirement and go through the buttons shown by us on Item Detail page, we get an Affiliate fee from the e-commerce site. Donor gets the same price and all the offers that she would usually get on e-commerce site. This initiative is supported by many students and volunteers.